Compliance officer salary

Explore the average compliance officer salary in UAE roles

  • Compliance officer (onshore):
    US$58,900 – US$94,800
  • Compliance officer (offshore):
    US$91,600 – US$127,500

Job prospects for compliance officers

Hiring for compliance roles is on the increase as the UAE continues to push for global best practice. Many employers are searching for professionals with experience in market regulation and consumer protection, both of which have become a top priority.

Compliance officers are also enjoying better job prospects as demand for trade licenses in the UAE’s offshore financial jurisdiction increases. Experience with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) or the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) is desirable in this instance and professionals could find themselves receiving multiple job offers.

Our research shows that experience is very attractive to employers (4–7 years’); mid-level compliance officers who are experienced enough to hold authorised individual status are the most sought-after candidates in the current market.

Employers in the UAE are starting to place more emphasis on soft skills when searching for their ideal candidate. Critical thinking, problem solving, and Arabic language skills are the most in-demand for the financial services sector at present.

Compliance officer salary opportunities

Our research shows that, although salaries are stable for this role, mid and senior-level professionals are receiving an above average compliance officer salary due to the lack of qualified talent available in the current hiring market.

A compliance officer specialising in onshore activities can expect to start on a salary of US$58,900 and could potentially reach US$94,800 at the higher end of the payscale. For an offshore specialism, a compliance officer salary typically starts at US$91,600 and could reach US$127,500 for more experienced professionals.

To negotiate an offer above the average compliance officer salary in the UAE, candidates should show experience with consumer protection and market regulation, as well as knowledge of offshore financial jurisdiction, all of which are in high demand from employers at present.

Knowledge of Money Laundering Regulations 2017 can help to increase compliance officer salary rates, as can experience working within a global environment. Specialising in risk management or tax could also increase professional value.

Remuneration packages for compliance officers will typically include flexible working and the offer of training, as these have proven to be the most requested by professionals.

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