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Salary ranges and the latest recruitment trends in the UAE

With salary ranges for over 185 permanent positions, the Robert Half 2018 Salary Guide is your comprehensive resource for the latest remuneration and recruitment trends affecting accounting & finance, financial services, technology, legal, HR and administrative professionals across the UAE. Download your copy today to confidently benchmark salaries for new hires, plan your budgets and better understand the hiring environment. Do you know the market value of your employees?

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Technology and transformation

Transformation is a key business priority in the Middle East with almost a third (30%) of CEOs agreeing that technology has reshaped competition in the region. As companies improve their systems and processes to remain competitive, the demand for skilled and experienced employees intensifies.

Key trends affecting hiring

Attracting talent is becoming important to both large and small businesses alike, with around a third (36%) stating that talent management is a key focus for the next few years. As with last year, retention concerns continue as the UAE competes for top performers on an international scale.

The future of the workplace

The structure of the workplace is changing to accommodate the evolving needs of employees. As new technologies automate various business processes and systems, employees have more time for value-added work. With rising demands and need for flexible working, these changes are helping to improve people's work-life balance.

Salaries by sector

Download the guide to access 2018 salary projections and the key recruitment trends affecting your sectors:

Accounting and finance

Accounting and finance

With the growing number of SMEs forming the backbone of the UAE economy, the demand for support from skilled finance and accounting professional is rising in step. With 55% of CFOs citing having employees with the right skills as the top contributor for the success of their finance function, find out the most difficult roles to find skilled accounting and finance professionals in the UAE.

Financial services

Financial services

Business leaders are conscious of the need to not only compete for top performers on a local and regional level, but also internationally. Find out which positions are commanding the highest salaries for financial services professionals in 2018.



Technology is firmly established itself as one of the main priority areas for UAE businesses, and as such the technology market has seen substantial growth. In today’s talent-short market, businesses are having to find ways to consolidate the skills and responsibilities of their IT team to remain competitive. Discover which technical and soft-skills skills that are most in-demand for the year ahead. 

HR and administration

HR and administration

Key trends, such as digital transformation, skills development and the need for improved retention are fuelling a higher demand for specialist HR professionals. Twenty-nine per cent of businesses are planning to make these additional of these new skill sets a priority. Learn which roles are most in-demand in the market.



The demand for in-house legal counsel is showing no sign of slowing in 2018 as many UAE businesses increase their headcount. Lawyers with exposure to compliance and regulatory matters are in high-competition. We reveal the top legal positions companies are hiring for right now.

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