Web developer job description

A web developer is responsible for the creation and maintenance of website experiences. They take technical specifications and requirements and translate them into websites which meet the needs of the organisation and of the website visitor.

A developer can be exclusively front-end (the images, visuals and applications of a website), exclusively back-end (the coding and functionality that make a site work) or full-stack, which involves all aspects of web development.

Web developer responsibilities

A web developer works alongside project managers and designers to create website layouts and user interfaces, by using standard HTML or CSS practices.

They are responsible for testing and maintaining the applications and websites they create, and for the documentation which relates to it.

Daily duties and responsibilities can include:

  • Troubleshooting technical issues
  • Creating design specs for web development projects
  • Website maintenance
  • Creating and maintaining software documentation
  • User testing
  • Remaining up to date on emerging technologies and trends
  • Backend data integration and collection

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Web developer skills, qualifications, and experience

Web developers should have a degree in IT, computer programming or computer science. They can also hold qualifications in a related subject, such as multimedia design or business information systems.

The most popular web developer experience includes:

  • CSS frameworks (Bootstrap/Materialize)
  • CSS methodologies (OOCSS, BEM, SMACSS)
  • Integrating web builds with ERP and CRM systems
  • Advanced Javascript Frameworks and libraries (React, Observable, Redux)
  • HTML, CSS and responsive websites
  • CI frameworks

Web developers skills typically include a blend of graphic design and development which enables them to translate a visual concept into a working web application.

There is also a growing need for soft skills to effectively integrate with the wider team and business, including:

  • Good attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills
  • Proactivity
  • Skilled at multitasking
  • Agility

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