Why the UAE is the best place for FinTech talent

By Gareth El Mettouri on 12th July 2023

No one could have missed the investment the UAE is making to become a global leader in technology – from FinTech and Crypto to the Metaverse.

The Government is working to create the perfect atmosphere for FinTech and Crypto firms and demonstrate its approach to nurturing growing businesses and enabling global giants - from EXPO2020 to its new incubator hubs and relaxed regulatory environment.

Its commitment is starting to pay dividends, with more and more companies starting to relocate into the region. As they set up in a new location and start to grow, these FinTech firms are creating new jobs and opportunities, open to the best talent world-wide.

From leadership roles to developers just-starting out, and supporting finance and legal roles, there’s something for everyone. As businesses grow, those getting in on the ground floor will be able to realise their potential and accelerate their careers – making Dubai one of the most exciting places for talented workers to build their futures.

FinTech talent is already flooding into the area – so is now the time to take the plunge?

Four reasons why FinTech professionals should consider a move to Dubai:

1. Big opportunities for aspiring developers

With more and more FinTech and Crypto companies bringing their business to Dubai, there is a large volume of high-growth companies offering a wealth of opportunities for developers.

Working for companies at the forefront of a new and constantly evolving era for the financial services sector, developers will be able to work with the latest and coolest technology.

As these companies grow, there will also be plenty of opportunities for developers to grow alongside them. For anyone ambitious or looking to accelerate their career progression, with the skills and acumen needed to take companies to the next level, there will be promotions aplenty on the table.

2. Support for budding entrepreneurs

With incubators springing up everywhere, Dubai is the perfect place for aspiring tech giants to set up their organisations. Last year, the government announced a Dh1bn ($270m) Dubai Future District Fund to support seed-to-growth-stage tech start-ups, and the package of support is steadily increasing every year.

In June 2023, Dubai’s International Finance Centre (DIFC) launched the ‘Dubai AI & Web 3.0 Campus’, which is set to attract over 500 companies, $300m in collective funds and create 3000+ jobs by 2028. Dubai is set on nurturing a collaborative environment, accelerate the development of future-forward technologies and empower organisations to unlock the true potential of AI and Web 3.0, and companies that make the city their home will benefit extensively from the governments investment.

3. Easy access to visas

Bringing in workers with the right skills is a critical part of the UAE’s growth plan. With the introduction of ‘golden visas’ for up to 100,000 IT professionals, workers can rest assured that they will be able to build a life in Dubai in the mid to long-term, if that is what they want.

This additional security on migration status and the accompanying guarantee to let talent stay in the region for years without a sponsor (and their immediate family members too), means that developers can take advantage of the opportunities on offer, without the risk.

4. The tech-driven lifestyle

Dubai’s tech-driven lifestyle is admired worldwide, with high-spec tech around every corner and the option to conduct most interactions or purchases online or via an app. This suits the online-first preferences of most people working within the FinTech sector – particularly developers, who tend to be more introverted.

The high-tech nature of life in Dubai also creates the perfect environment to inspire tech experts, unlocking fresh ideas that could potentially change the world as we know it.


Are you working in FinTech or a developer looking for something new? Get in touch with our team in the UAE who will be able to advise you on your next steps.

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