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The Robert Half 2015 Salary Guide provides the latest salary information and unique insights into current recruitment trends for accounting and finance, financial services, IT, human resources and administration and legal positions in the Middle East.

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The Hiring Climate

The Middle East employment market is robust. Expansion efforts in both domestic and international markets have resulted in companies continuing to add headcount to over-stretched and over-worked teams. Strategic recruitment, looking at both current and future hiring needs is creating further momentum and with demand for skilled talent outpacing supply, providing competitive salaries coupled with attractive bonus and benefits packages will be a key strategy in winning the war for talent. Find out more in the salary guide.

Recruitment trends

Economic confidence is high with 83% of HR directors confident in the UAE’s growth prospects. Businesses are moving forward with investment, but many companies are finding recruitment challenges are delaying growth initiatives. Talent shortages are expected to intensify and firms continue to turn to foreign markets to secure the most highly skilled talent. You can learn more about the challenges of hiring expatriate talent by downloading the salary guide.

Retention Challenges

To retain valued employees, businesses are offering more meaningful pay rises and stay incentives. Increasingly companies recognise that retaining skilled staff that are successful in the workplace culture must be a priority. But employees with sought-after skills have grown more confident in their job prospects and are more receptive to the idea of changing jobs. Find out the top 10 benefits that employers are using to attract and retain staff in the salary guide.

Greatest Factors Affecting Hiring




Economic confidence and higher living costs are impacting salaries in the Middle East and retention as employees look to move employer to secure higher compensation. In an attempt to attract and secure talent more companies are offering sign-on bonuses.

Companies that are nimble in their remuneration structures, understand candidates’ salary expectations and deliver tailor-made compensation packages are at an advantage.

Willingness to offer a sign-on bonus

Source: UAE survey of HR directors

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