CIO insights - The cybersecurity challenge

Cybersecurity has become a mainstay for businesses of all sizes and industries. Its potential implications in our data-centric world have brought it up the corporate agenda.

In response, the UK offices of Robert Half Technology hosted a series of 'IT Leaders Round Table' events to highlight the challenges and to discuss best practice approaches and solutions.

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  • The background to the cyber security threat.
  • Implications for the UAE.
  • How IT security teams are engaging with company boards.

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Cybersecurity attacks and how CIOs are responding

A greater connectivity and reliance on technology and systems has put more businesses at risk, with the natural security strategy categorising cyber attacks as a tier one threat to national security, alongside international terrorism.

The key findings from our UK research have been featured in our infographic summarising the latest Cybersecurity challenges CIO's are experiencing.

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