Key issues affecting today's finance leaders

Will a skills shortage impede growth in the UAE?

The breakneck pace of economic development in the UAE can be a boon for business. But rapid growth also presents logistical challenges as organisations struggle to attract the staff required to fully capitalise on it.

Our latest research highlights a serious skills shortage in the emirates, with 82% of UAE finance leaders finding it difficult to hire professionals of the necessary calibre.


Download the CFO Insights report and find out how CFO’s are coping. It covers:

  • Chief drivers of growth in the UAE
  • Hiring expectations for Expo 2020
  • Implications of growth opportunities



What's keeping CFOs awake at night?

Throughout the economic downturn, the CFO and finance team have played a critical role, providing strategy and financial stewardship while confronting critical issues like cash flow, regulation, corporate governance and business growth.

With multiple and often competing priorities, CFOs face a growing tide of responsibility and a mounting number of issues that may keep them awake at night.

This new report looks at the issues that are facing UAE finance leaders, including:

  • Economic unpredictability; which continues to affect how UAE businesses operate.
  • Internal challenges; including cash flow and access to investment financing, particularly for small and private companies
  • 41% CFOs citing lack of time to complete work and projects.