Paralegal job description

A paralegal provides the company legal officer and in-house lawyers with administrative support on a daily basis. Paralegals can either work in-house or as part of a private practice.

Paralegal duties and responsibilities

The paralegal job description is admin based and acts as a support role to senior legal team members and in-house lawyers. On a daily basis, they will be tasked with drafting important legal documents and conducting searches or research on behalf of the company.

As they handle sensitive information, a paralegal will always need to work with the utmost discretion. They should also have excellent interpersonal abilities, as they are expected to maintain relationships with clients, banks and other team members.

Paralegal duties include:

  • Documenting free zone set-ups and managing all transactions
  • Drafting contracts
  • Performing due diligence on contracts and business agreements
  • Maintaining good relationships with free zone clients and banks
  • Delivering executed documents to banks for clients
  • Conducting legal research
  • Performing company searches
  • Chasing payments
  • Drafting letters of engagement
  • Conducting proforma reviews

Paralegal qualifications, skills and experience

The majority of employers hiring for a paralegal role will be looking for professionals with a degree in law and previous experience within the paralegal environment.

A typical paralegal job description will also include the following technical skills and experience:

  • Excellent Excel, Word and Outlook skills
  • Experience with corporate commercial law or contract law
  • Experience setting up Free Zone companies
  • Fluent in English

Soft skills needed for the role are as follows:

  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Exceptional organisational skills
  • Collaboration and communication skills
  • Multitasking capabilities
  • Good sense of judgement
  • Ability to work with independence

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