Why use a recruiter to hire employees?

By Robert Half on 26th June 2018

It takes a special set of skills to identify the perfect candidate for a role. Although no one knows your company and its employees better than you, using a recruitment agency can bolster existing in-house expertise and add even more value to your hiring process.

Finding, vetting and interviewing candidates will feel far more streamlined as well as the support in securing candidates in today’s competitive recruitment market. Learn what to expect, the information recruitment consultants commonly require and get a better understanding of how to use recruitment agencies effectively with these practical tips.

Why use a recruiter?

The benefits of recruitment agencies for employers are plentiful. They have a wider knowledge of the latest recruitment news and trends, and a vast network of talent to draw from. You’ll be able to take advantage of a larger pool of high-quality candidates, which will be thoroughly vetted and handled with professional impartiality.

What to expect when using a recruitment agency

Here are a few key points to understand about the advantages of a recruitment agency and the processes involved when working with a recruiter:

  • A more streamlined process

Most companies are looking for a mix of specific skills in their candidates—something which can take time to pinpoint. However, the current hiring landscape is candidate-driven, so it’s important to move faster than the 28-day-long process that many HR directors are restrained by.

By carefully assessing your business requirements and goals, a skilled recruitment consultant can help you identify the precise skill set that’s required for the job and ensure a smoother recruiting process.

  • Access to a larger pool of candidates

Some recruitment agencies have an international network of offices, giving you the opportunity to consider candidates from both the global markets, something you may not have been able to enjoy when working solo.

  • A different recruitment process

Every company has an internal hiring process that works for them but pushing boundaries and trying new methods can be hugely beneficial—especially for new roles or more niche skill sets. Working with a recruiter that champions innovation can help you identify new strategic, cost-effective recruitment solutions for your business.

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  • Support in securing a candidate

Recruitment professionals aren’t just experienced in finding candidates for your role, they can also help you secure your top choice. They’ll deal with issues around counteroffers from other employers, will sell the opportunity to the candidate and can assist with negotiating a competitive salary and benefits.

The benefits of recruitment agencies extend to candidates, too. As part of the hiring process, they’ll work hard to ensure that they understand the candidate’s career goals and that the role meets them—an important step in retaining talent and driving workplace happiness.

Using recruitment agencies effectively

You and your chosen recruitment company both have the same objective: to find the perfect candidate for long-term success, and to place them quickly. This requires teamwork and synergy, so here are a few things you can do to ensure you get off to a good start:

  • Choose a recruitment agency that represents your industry

Before you commit, take the time to think about which recruitment agency is best for you. It helps to choose a specialist that operates within your industry—they’ll have a far better understanding of your expectations, the tasks required of the position relative to the challenges of the industry. All of this information will bring a thorough knowledge of salary, benefit and bonus benchmarks.

  • Have realistic expectations regarding candidates

You should have a list of ideal qualifications and skills in mind when hiring for a role. Using years of industry experience, a recruitment consultant will work with you to identify which of these skills are realistic in the current market conditions and what else you can expect a candidate to bring to the company.

It’s always good to remain flexible in the solutions and candidates available to you within the current hiring landscape. It may be that a mixture of temporary, permanent and interim professionals is the key to productivity and profitability within your organisation, rather than the single employee you had in mind.

  • Prepare a thorough brief

To get the most from using recruitment agencies, you’ll need to provide them with the information they need. A recruitment company will need a considerable amount of information regarding the role, the team and the company if they’re going to find a good fit. Ensure that you have a brief and internal details ready to hand so your recruiter knows exactly what they’re looking for.

Ideally, you should pick an agency that is willing to invest in your business and develop a relationship long-term. The more your recruitment agency understands your business, your goals, the working environment and the expectations you have of your staff, the better the contribution they’ll bring.

  • Practice good communication

Good communication with an agency goes far beyond helping them to understand what the requirements for the role are. Recruitment professionals that are active in the market and have an understanding of your brand and your goals may recommend quality candidates who could support your business—even when you might not be actively looking.

By keeping in contact with your recruitment agency and being open to ad-hoc candidates will ultimately give you an edge in the current skills shortage. It’s better to find candidates when they are available rather than lose productivity and not be able to find the candidates you need.

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