Could you be earning more in a Dubai tech job?

By Robert Half on 9th May 2019

The future of Dubai’s technology sector is looking exceedingly bright. According to the new Robert Half 2019 Salary Guide, it’s one of the primary drivers of economic evolution in the UAE and could deliver the growth that 42% of CEOs are hoping for.

Like many organisations world-wide, the UAE have recognised that workplace digitisation is crucial for business progression. This has sparked a digital transformation roll out which could make or break future business initiatives.

The outlook may be bright, but the hiring market is less so. An industry-wide digital skills shortage threatens to disrupt plans as organisations struggle to find and secure professionals with the right qualifications for the job. If you’re considering an information technology job in Dubai, it might be the time to make your move!

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With that in mind, here’s an overview of the Dubai technology hiring market, including in-demand roles and skills, the salaries on offer and how to succeed in the war for talent.

There are more Dubai tech jobs than there are skills

With so much innovation in progress, organisations are going to need a lot of tech talent within their ranks, but this is easier said than done. According to research by Robert Half, 52% of organisations within the UAE are struggling to source qualified professionals for open roles. The hiring market is firmly in favour of professionals, especially those with digital and tech skills.

Technology salaries in Dubai

Hiring for technology departments has become a primary focus for organisations in Dubai. The highest salaries are typically being awarded to candidates with western experience, so this may be the best time to consider taking IT jobs in Dubai.

Robert Half research shows that 19% of UAE organisations have increased the base-level salary for eight out of ten new hires. This gives you the opportunity to leverage your previous industry experience to negotiate a higher starting salary for yourself.

Attractive workplace initiatives are also being launched to help attract more tech talent. According to the new UAE 2019 Salary Guide, 86% of UAE organisations are modernising work environments, 81% are offering training and 79% plan to improve compensation packages. 

To get a full view of the salaries on offer for UK tech professionals in Dubai, download the full Salary Guide.

Roles and skills in demand for Dubai tech jobs

Although demand for technology professionals in Dubai is high across the board, those with project management, infrastructure management and CRM experience are the most sought after. Salary Guide research also shows that managerial-level candidates are in high demand right now.

Professionals with skills in core infrastructure and digital transformation are more likely to experience career success in Dubai over the next year or so. Organisations are also looking for soft skills which they feel will compliment workplace automation. This includes leadership skills and stakeholder communication.

Are you ready to start looking for your Dubai tech job? Let the Robert Half help.

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