How to write a good cover letter

By Robert Half on 15th May 2023

In a world where employers use AI to screen CVs before they hit the hiring manager’s desk, your cover letter is a valuable chance to make a human connection. Technology's dominance in the world of work has made the humble cover letter more crucial than ever.

Taking the time to write a tailored cover letter shows how seriously you take the application — you’re not firing out applications, but carefully choosing the opportunities you apply for. Cover letters also offer a formal introduction and a chance to showcase your personality before your CV is reviewed.

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How to write a good cover letter

A good cover letter should start with a formal introduction. Addressing the recipient by name (if you know it!) is always a good idea, and you should also include your current job title and area of expertise.

Your cover letter's job is to give some personality and context on top of your CV. Because of this, you'll want to pull out any related resume highlights that link to the role you're applying for.

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Go back to the job advert and look at the specific experience, qualifications, and skills required, then match them to the contents of your CV. These need a prominent place in your cover letter, plus extra context and colour to bring them to life.

A good cover letter shows genuine interest in the role you're applying for and why you'd be a good fit. Each one should be designed specifically to fit the job at hand, mentioning the company and prospect by name.

Top tip!
Try to reuse keywords and phrases from the job description and job ad. It shows attention to detail, frames you as an exact fit, and helps get you past AI screening software.

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How long should a cover letter be?

Your cover letter should be no longer than a few short paragraphs: one introducing yourself and two detailing why you'd be a good fit. A large wall of text might be off-putting to the reader, so keep your paragraphs short (four lines maximum) and ensure you’re getting to the point quickly.

Covering letter template

Cover letter templates UAE employers respond to usually follow the same structure as the example below. They're short, personalised, and written to make the applicant stand out.


Dear [hiring manager's name/sir/madam],

I’d like to apply for the role of [job title] at [company name]. My [Number of years/ specific experience] in the [sector] industry makes me a strong candidate for the role.

During my time as [job title] for [current employer’s company name], I’ve been responsible for [duties or skills the employer has asked for in the job description]. Through my work, I’ve helped the business to [success metrics and achievements].

I’m confident my experience and expertise will add fast value to [company name] and bring you further towards your goal of [company mission]. Thank you for your time and consideration — I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

[Your name]


Final tips

Remember to proofread your cover letter before you send it. Before you hit send, paste your cover letter into a tool like Grammarly or get someone else to read it.


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