The benefits of becoming an employer of choice

By Robert Half on 13th March 2020

Are you an employer that people want to be a part of? There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that being an employer of choice is a very advantageous position to be in. CEOs are predicting business growth for the next year and economic forecasts show that employment rates are due to go up—with the pace of business increasing, demand for qualified candidates is outstripping supply.

According to new research by Robert Half for the 2019 Salary Guide, almost half (49%) of organisations within the UAE said they found it significantly challenging to find qualified professionals.

Positioning yourself as an employer of choice is the best way to gain a competitive hiring edge, but that isn’t its only advantage…

Why become an employer of choice?

1. Higher retention rates

When qualified candidates are so hard to come by, it makes sense to hold onto the top performers you already have. In recognition of this, UAE businesses are planning to focus more on retention strategies in the coming year, with special attention to the quality of leadership being provided. 

2. Better productivity

Studies have shown that happy employees are far more productive in general—the University of Warwick found that employees had a 12% spike in productivity when they were happy. This is causing more employers to start adopting an employee-first approach to business. 

3. A healthier workplace culture

When employees are happy, the general level of morale in the workplace is high. This creates an environment in which collaboration and productivity thrive. It helps to improve retention levels and develops a healthy workplace culture which is very attractive to employees, both current and potential. 

4. Top talent comes to you

How do the best businesses attract talent? They use their strong employer branding to gain the competitive edge. Great benefits, attractive salaries and happy staff don’t go unnoticed by top performing professionals and you may find that they start approaching you for open roles.

How to become an employer of choice

There are several ways you can begin to improve your desirability as an employer:

-    Employee satisfaction survey

Workplace satisfaction surveys don’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Many businesses are opting to make the transition to HR software platforms, so it’s easy to send and complete regular health check surveys to monitor contentment levels, quality of leadership and general workplace happiness.

-    Show appreciation

A Robert Half workplace happiness report showed that feeling appreciated is the third biggest factor in how satisfied employees feel globally. Don’t forget to congratulate or reward a job well done—it isn’t just great for morale but offers employees a marker for career success, too.

-    Provide career growth and learning opportunities 

For employees, having the opportunity for professional growth is very appealing. To help keep retention high, employers in the UAE offering training to employees as part of their job benefits package. This particular job perk doesn’t have to absorb your budget, either—it can be provided through mentorships, role rotation and by simply allowing employees to go for projects and pitches they’re passionate about.

-    Competitive remuneration packages

Although workplace happiness is important to employees, a flexible, comprehensive remuneration package is also attractive. Salaries are going up over the next year and businesses who hope to be regarded as an employer of choice will also need to make changes in order to remain competitive. Flexible working continues to be the most sought-after benefit, along with excellent pension packages and the offer of training. 

Are you interested in becoming an employer of choice? Get in touch with the team at Robert Half for additional advice and guidance.

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