Five reasons to move to Dubai

By Robert Half on 8th April 2022

Dubai is famed for its luxurious way of life, unique style and its innovation.

The UAE is currently the sixth most visited country in the world, and over the last 10 years Dubai has continuously found itself in the top 10 most visited cities globally. It’s no secret that it is a desirable destination to visit - even during the global pandemic in 2020 Dubai welcomed 5.51 million visitors from all parts of the world.

However, it’s time to stop thinking about Dubai as a temporary destination and start thinking about it as a permanent location to live, work and thrive. There is a lot to be excited about when thinking about moving to Dubai, and the 2022 outlook is filled with exciting prospects.

Relocating to Dubai is a brilliant move for not only your career, but your wellbeing, comfort and overall enjoyment – and here are just some of the reasons to consider as your next step.

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No COVID restrictions

For most people in the rest of the world, the pandemic has left them feeling deflated, alone and bored – but in Dubai, it’s a different story.

In fact, Dubai has been restriction free since the end of a short lockdown period at the start of the global pandemic. Instead of introducing new rules and limitations, the UAE decided it needed to learn to live with the virus, and various establishments (educational, medical, business etc.) would adapt and overcome this obstacle.

This means that you get to enjoy life in Dubai to the fullest - visiting its incredible landmarks, taking advantage of 4.5 day working week, and dining out in the best restaurants in the world are on the table if you choose to relocate.

Lifestyle and exclusivity

With endless options for luxury and lavishness, the leisure scene in Dubai is one of the main attractions for expats and tourists. With large malls filled with a huge range of shops, hundreds of restaurants, cinemas, theatres and even ice-skating rinks – it is truly a shopper’s paradise.

Dubai is also the home of many beautiful beaches, incredible spas and hotels that’ll leave you feeling like royalty. If you find yourself craving some vitamin D, then you’re in luck because Dubai spends around 342 days of the year soaked in sunshine. No need to worry about the weather getting too hot though, as almost everywhere in Dubai is fully air-conditioned for your comfort!

A rich tapestry of cultures

With one of the highest foreign-born populations in the world, Dubai is an incredibly multicultural city. The diversity not only makes everyone feel at home, but it also gives everyone living there a great opportunity to learn about and immerse themselves in different cultures.

People of over 200 nationalities reside in Dubai, and it is clearly having a positive influence on the lifestyle, cuisine and culture that can be enjoyed by both nationals and expats. It also makes it far easier to create new social groups as an expat as there are so many people in the same position.

Affordable luxury

With the vibrant and extravagant reputation of Dubai you could be forgiven for expecting it to be an expensive place to live. However, there are a lot of financial perks to living there that make it far more appealing.

To start – the salaries are higher than in many other countries (for example, the UK) tax-free, which already means you’ll take more home every month, making it easier to save or even splash out on a treat for yourself now and then. Many day-to-day costs like cars or transportation are cheaper, and there are even incentives for many expats to live there.

It is also an easy process to send funds back home, so you can use the extra cash you save and share it with your loved ones too.

Never a dull moment

There are endless opportunities to have fun and enjoy your free time in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world!) will be on your doorstep, as well as the Dubai fountain which is lit up with thousands of coloured lights, lasers and projectors.

There is even a water park which is part of the Atlantis Resort, offering river rides, waterslides and private beaches.

That’s not all, throughout the year you can enjoy frequent events and festivals, hosting everything you could want from music, film and fashion to motorsports and horseracing.

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